7 tips for getting your skin summer-ready

7 Tips for Getting Your Skin Summer-Ready

The time of year to spend all your days at the beach, your neighborhood pool, or any other outdoor activity you prefer is already here. After the lengthy and severe winter, your skin is likely not ready for the summer sun. However, that's no cause for concern. To help you out, we'll cover everything you need to do and offer our best tips for getting your skin summer-ready. Once you've included them in your skincare regimen, try to stick to these easy steps all summer to keep your skin shining.

Tip #1: Always Wear SPF

 "Never miss SPF" is one of the basic skin care principles. Never. Not even when it's overcast. Not even if you want to get a tan. If you intend to spend time in the sun, you must apply sunscreen to your entire body. In addition to aiding with other things like maintaining appropriate collagen levels, SPF shields your skin from damaging UV light. All of this can contribute to achieving that perfect ageless look you're probably seeking.

Remember that applying sunscreen to your face is an essential part of your skincare regimen at any age. So, if you haven't already, you should start including SPF in your everyday skincare routine as soon as possible!


"Sunscreen is essential in preventing sunburns and skin cancer."

Tip #2: Keep Your Skin Hydrated


As you probably noticed, harsh winters can dry up your skin. And, now that the weather is nicer, you're probably prepared to bid your dry skin farewell. However, your skin won't miraculously improve on its own. You see, the more sun exposure you have, the drier your skin will get. And nothing will benefit you more than incorporating a quality moisturizer into your routine.

Even if moisturizing lotion cannot shield your skin from the sun the way SPF can, it can still lessen the impact of the sun on your skin. This is because your skin becomes more vulnerable to UV rays as it dries out. Therefore, by moisturizing regularly, you can aid your skin in reestablishing its protective layers.

Finally, remember to use a mild moisturizer rather than thick, heavy creams. Using rich moisturizers during the summertime can suffocate your skin and exacerbate existing issues.

Tip #3: Keep Your Body Hydrated


Hydration creams aren't enough if your body is dehydrated. Keeping your body moisturized from the inside is just as crucial as keeping your skin hydrated from the outside. Therefore, when the warmer months approach, drink enough water during the day. Water improves your skin's general suppleness and gives it a hydrated appearance. Your skin's health will improve significantly if you consistently drink several glasses of water a day. If possible, try to drink a glass of water every hour.

If you're planning on doing some outdoor activity or a workout, always keep a bottle of water near you. Furthermore, once you're done with the exercise, don't forget to wash your face or entire body with cold water to cool down. Although your skin might still look red and sticky, there are ways to refresh it. For example, you can give it a new glow by using a light moisturizer and reapplying your SPF.


Tip #4: Use a Body Scrub



There is practically nothing that beats exfoliating to get your skin ready for your sunny weather. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells collected over time. As a result, your skin looks brighter and smoother without much effort. Therefore, consider exfoliating your face and your entire body if you want a perfect, even tan. You can use a variety of store-bought body scrubs or make a homemade scrub using coconut oil, for example.

It's important not to exfoliate too frequently since doing so removes the thin protective layer that covers the top of your skin, leaving it more vulnerable to UV radiation. Moreover, avoid the sun for a few days after exfoliating so you don't get sun damage.

Tip #5: Reexamine Your Diet


One of the rarely mentioned tips for getting your skin summer-ready is to adjust your diet. What you're eating now may not be suitable for you if you have a specific goal. For example, several foods can prevent UV damage to your skin. Those are usually foods rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids. Think foods like carrots, tomatoes, apricots, mangoes, etc. Those are the ingredients you should incorporate into your diet more as you prepare for summer. But remember that you can only use these meals in conjunction with sunscreen, not instead.

Tip #6: Don't Spend Too Much Time in the Sun

One of the best ways to get your skin ready for the sun is to give it many short exposures. It would be best if you didn't spend much time outside in the sun the first time you do it at the start of the season. If you spend more than an hour in the sun unprotected, you'll develop a severe sunburn. Instead, start gradually. Stay a little bit longer whenever you expose yourself to the light. Additionally, always keep in mind that tanning is bad for your skin. Use a high-level sunscreen when doing this because it is a skin defense mechanism against prolonged sun exposure.

In Conclusion

By utilizing our tips for getting your skin summer-ready, you're almost guaranteed to avoid all sunburns and get a healthy, bronze glow. Additionally, don't forget that you should never use tanning beds or self-tanning to prepare your skin. Contrary to popular belief, tanning sessions cannot prevent sunburns. Additionally, a tanning bed before age 30 significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. However, self-tanners won't offer any protection from the sun's damaging rays either because they don't stimulate melanin formation.

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