LED light therapy treatments

LED Light Therapy

Frequency of use, Types of Devices, and Factors to Consider When Choosing an LED Light Therapy Device


Most of us would go to great lengths to ensure that our skin is healthy and glowing. LED light therapy has proven to be a safe treatment for several skin problems. The question is, how often should you use it? Well, most people differ on the number of times you can use it, but one thing that stands out is that it is safe, so while others recommend it five times a week, most studies show that daily 10-minute sessions are the best way to use this treatment. For office appointments, you can have about 10 to 12 sessions as per your dermatologists. This type of treatment does not work overnight; however, you can see some improvement from the second or even third sessions depending on how fast your skin reacts. Therefore, it is not the same for everyone, do not beat yourself up when after four sessions, you still don't see a difference; good things take time.

Some of the devices that can be used for LED light therapy include;

  • the LED masks
  • blemish reducer
  • acne spot treatment device
  • acne clearing mask
  • eye care LED device
  • wrinkle LED light therapy device
  • Pain management LED devices

Depending on your skin problem and your budget, you can shop for these devices from professional places with good ratings and ensure that they are FDA-approved. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a LED light therapy device include;

  • the amount of energy the device delivers to the treatment part over a set period as you use the device. This is called irradiance and is measured in milliwatts per square centimeter. For red light therapy, the higher irradiance leads to better results in a short time.
  • You also have to look at the frequency range in different spectrum of light wavelengths. Red and infrared light have high frequencies since they penetrate deep into the skin. However, blue light has low frequencies.
  • Determine the treatment coverage area your device will work on. If the area you want to treat is small, you will go for smaller devices or bigger ones if you're going to reap the most out of LED light therapy devices.
  • Be on the lookout for quality products, standards, and certificates that show the device's safety and authenticity. This prevents you from buying fake appliances. 
  • You can also look at customers' reviews about the devices; some leave helpful information on the ease of use, results, probability of damage, which will help you determine whether or not to buy the device.

Make the most of your light therapy device by using it consistently, caring for it properly, and maximizing its effectiveness by combining it with other recommended products.

All of our light therapy devices at BrighAmos are designed for both, effectiveness and maximum efficiency in today's spa and skin care world to easily integrate into your wellness routine.

Experience the benefits of light therapy with our medical-grade, FDA cleared devices, treating a variety of beauty and health concerns. Earning the trust of our customers and helping thousands of people improve their skin.

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