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What is Omega LED Light Therapy and How Does it Work?

Scientific studies have shown that LED light therapy can have specific effects on living cells. This includes reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing of wounds. Particularly useful for alleviating pain, Omega LED light therapy may be used by anybody, from athletes to occasional exercisers to those suffering from chronic muscular or nerve discomfort. If you want a natural and non-invasive approach to treating pain, omega LED light therapy is for you.

What is omega LED light therapy?

Non-invasive omega LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is effective in treating the body, including skin, bones, and muscles. In the 1990s, NASA began exploring LED’s impact in boosting wound healing in astronauts by helping cells and tissues develop.

LED light treatment is also being used widely by physicians and estheticians to treat a variety of skin problems. LED light therapy is commonly practiced in conjunction with other treatments for muscle pain, such as massages and stretching. Omega LED light therapy is also helpful in reducing muscle tissue pain and inflammation. Nowadays, it’s widely available both in different treatment centers and also at home.

How omega LED light therapy helps relieve your muscle aches

LED light treatment involves exposing your body to low-wavelength light of all colors. This light is subsequently taken up by the cells within your body, which causes them to become more energized. The mitochondria collect energy from these waves as they pass through the skin. As a result, they have more stamina, can work harder, and generate more power.

When omega LED light enters mitochondria, it stimulates the creation of ATP. ATP can be thought of as the "energy unit" of the organism. In general, a healthy body benefits greatly from increased ATP levels. When you improve the mitochondria's function, you improve the cell's overall performance since the mitochondria are the cell's primary source of energy. LED light treatment induces internal friction and heat by means of absorption. This boosts the vitality and activity of cells, which in turn accelerates their reproduction.

Reproducing cells has several positive effects, including aiding in the body's natural healing process. Muscle tissue is particularly responsive to omega LED light treatment because there are more mitochondria in muscle cells than in other places in your body. This is because the energy required to work your muscles is higher.

Omega LED light therapy increases blood flow to inflamed areas

The LED wavelengths promote circulation. This blood flow acts to repair and reduce pain in the targeted location. The body repairs itself in this way. The omega LED light is used on the body to increase circulation to the injured or wounded region, which aids in the healing process, and relieving muscle pain.

An omega LED lamp can aid in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, from skin problems to nerve discomfort, muscular pain, joint inflammation, and wound healing.

It helps with back pain too

Back pain might make it challenging to go about everyday tasks and can also be unpleasant even while resting. Pain in the lower back can have many origins, such as an accident, illness, poor posture, or misuse of one of the body's most functional joints. Researchers found that Omega LED light therapy had no adverse side effects on its patients while decreasing persistent lower back pain. One research found that after six weeks of treatment, patients saw a 50% reduction in persistent back pain while using the therapy.

Omega LED light therapy for enhanced fitness performance and better rejuvenation

Relieving muscle pain isn’t the only thing omega LED light therapy can help with. It may also boost your general athletic performance. Fat cells are stimulated to release lipids into circulation by LED light. These lipids are subsequently taken up by the muscle cells and burned as fuel. Thus, it promotes fat loss, encourages muscular development, and boosts general vitality. Therefore, by exposing your body to certain light wavelengths, as is done with omega LED light therapy, you may enhance your cells, health, and fitness. In the long run, this means you'll get more out of your workouts.

As we’ve already mentioned, the regeneration of cells and mitochondrial respiration are two processes that can be heightened by light treatment. By penetrating deeply into joints and tissues, LED light can improve blood flow, oxygen delivery, cellular healing, and cell proliferation. There is substantial evidence that athletes can benefit from LED light therapy. Getting an LED light machine could be one of the best tips for building muscle, along with finding a routine that works for you. Research has shown that athletes who utilize light therapy either before or after an exercise enjoy decreased muscular discomfort, quicker post-workout recovery, and enhanced muscle tone.

Is it dangerous?

Most doubts about the safety of LED light therapy center on the topic of how often it should be used. Light treatment is sometimes called "radiation therapy," leading some to fear it is just as dangerous as being out in the sun. There is no truth to this. A light-emitting diode (LED) is just another example of a source of energy that might be considered radiation.

LEDs in the omega LED light spectrum do not emit ionizing radiation. For this reason, medical devices that use LED light for therapy do not have the same health hazards as those that use ultraviolet or x-ray radiation. LED light therapy treatments utilize non-ionizing radiation, which has no influence on the structure of atoms, in contrast to ionizing radiation. The average person should be capable of administering LED therapy to themselves after reading a short guide to LED therapy. However, you should still talk to your doctor about your specific condition before beginning any pain treatment plan.

How to use LED light therapy

The typical manufacturer recommendation is many daily bouts of 15–20 minutes. One of the most common mistakes people make during LED therapy at home is going over 20 minutes of treatment. It’s not dangerous to have a longer session, but there won’t be any significant benefits after the 20-minute mark.

Place the LED light lamp you intend to use about 2 feet away from the area you wish to treat. Also, make sure to take your clothes off from the area you're treating so the LED wavelengths may penetrate the skin more easily.

Final words

After reading about the benefits of Omega LED light therapy, you may schedule your appointment and proceed with your treatment with confidence. Aside from pre-and post-workout, it provides several advantages and even helps your skin. The Omega LED therapy is loved by dermatologists worldwide for a reason, the device uses 7 healing wavelengths that acts on all layers of this skin to combat signs of aging, stimulate collagen production, target acne-causing bacteria and enhance your natural glow. It's a game-changer in the skincare industry and BrightAmos is bringing you professional light therapy treatments right into the comfort of your home.

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