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Red Light Therapy Belt


A med spa in a belt. Our Red Light Therapy Belt is revolutionary home-use equipment with 660nm to 850nm near-infrared red light technology that can help with pain relief & weight loss. The technology is similar to the ones used in a professional medical spa, but it’s in a portable belt! You can use it in the comfort of your home at a fraction of spa costs.


Small and portable, this Red Light Therapy Belt can be worn on your back, neck, arms, or knees. It features a velcro design with a slot for a power bank, so you can use it while working in the office or going for a morning jog. No matter how you use it, this belt will deliver the same benefits, healing muscle aches & joint pains and helping you burn more calories.


Red and infrared light is commonly used to treat skin, but it has also been proven to be effective in delivering holistic treatment, including:

  • Healing deeper wounds & increasing injury recovery time
  • Recovering muscles and relieving joint pains
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Balancing hormones
  • Draining toxins from fat cells & burning more calories
  • Boosting melatonin and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production


  • 120pcs of high-quality 5050SMD 3 chips in one LED
  • Small and portable; 40x20cm in size
  • Optical convex for evenly distributed red light
  • Velcro design with a designated slot for power bank for outdoor use
  • Removable & washable cover fabric
  • Three modes that combine red and near-infrared light
  • DC12V input

How To Use

Simply wear the belt in your area of choice (knee, neck, back, or arm). Set your preferred mode. Attach the wire to the power bank if you’re planning to use it while on the go or exercising. Otherwise, connect the wire & adaptor to a power source. Then, relax while 120 clinical-grade LEDs with red and near-infrared wavelengths work to penetrate deep into your skin and heal muscle aches, lower inflammation, burn calories, and more!


Red light therapy belt

Power cable

Fix accessories

Hanging wire


How does it work?

The portable LED light therapy belt uses clinically-proven red 660nm and near-infrared 850nm wavelengths to boost your health and calm your mood.

These optimized wavelengths give temporary relief of stiffness, pain, and spasm in the muscles and joints, by increasing blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. LED also increases the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid-three key elements of healthy, bright, and radiant skin.

How do I use the red light therapy belt?

You can use this convenient, hands-free device for 15-20 minute treatments on localized areas of pain and stiffness, or as required.

Think of it as your daily dose of anti-inflammatory LED for your skin and body-just like your preferred probiotics or vitamins, the belt achieves its best results when used consistently.

What are the benefits?

Clinical studies have shown LED light helps with the improvement of pain management thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just like water, diet, exercise, and sleep, light is vital for our cells to thrive and a core ingredient of a balanced lifestyle.

Whether you want to support the treatment of a sports injury, reduce recovery time after exercise, or simply give your skin a nourishing boost, the BrightAmos red light therapy devices combine passion and technology to treat mind, body, and soul.

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