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About Us-LED light therapy at home treatments

BrightAmos is committed to casting a light on the power of LED light therapy at home treatments that are tailored to you with effective pro-level devices backed by science to enhance your mind, body, and soul.  
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    We refuse to settle for anything but the safest most effective products.

    We guarantee LED light therapy devices that offer the uniquely suited goals of each individual and render results comparable to those of medical-grade equipment that will achieve visibly radiant and refined skin. Your journey to a brighter version of yourself starts here at BrightAmos.

    Our promise to you is that your skin health goals are our number one priority. We proudly offer a three to a five-year warranty on all products.

  • The Bright Standard

    Your skin finds its natural companion in our latest line of light therapy - technology that works to fit your unique skin type.

    We're shifting mindsets and creating a community of activists trying to achieve a brighter type of beauty while tackling a wide range of skin issues helping you cope with some of the more difficult skin problems from dry to oily skin, acne, etc. The LED light therapy ritual can provide a daily delight in taking care of your health and beauty. We emphasize the idea that health is an integral part of beauty, and rest and relaxation is the way to preserve youth and a good mood.

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LED light therapy devices

Our LED devices work by delivering varying wavelengths of light to the skin at a cellular level, prompting the skin cells to work harder.

Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, and red light therapy is brilliant for stimulating collagen and elastin while easing inflammation. 

Neither treatment is painful and requires no downtime, which makes them an excellent addition to any skincare routine.

  • LED light therapy reviews BrightAmos

    "The organization puts full emphasis on providing professional, medical-grade treatments found in clinics and spas in the palm of your hands with all your skincare concerns in mind."

  • "I have had the BrightAmos Omega LED device for about two weeks and have used it every day for about 15-20 mins. I can undoubtedly say that this product has already started to clear up skin! The Omega LED has seemed to expedite my results significantly. I bought this product mainly for overall health benefits (pain recovery) but the benefits (collagen production/clearer skin) make this a no-brainer to get!"


    Omega Bright LED light therapy photon device 
  • "I only recently started using my BrightAmos anti-aging device. I’m already noticing an improvement in my skin. My pores appear smaller, texture on my skin has improved. I’ve noticed an overall luminous glow, it is subtle…but yesterday my friend complimented me on my skin! I’m certainly gonna keep using this."


    BrightAmos Anti-Aging LED Therapy Facial Device 
  • "Excellent overall experience with Bright Amos. Great customer support, and fast shipping!"


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