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Red Light Therapy Benefits At Home

Benefits of using LED light therapy at home.


Have you heard of LED light therapy? Certainly you have. It’s one of the latest effective non-invasive skin care treatments, and is becoming more available as an at home treatment. It has nothing to do with the kind of lightbulbs you use in your home lighting and everything to do with gloriously glowing skin.


Infrared LED light therapy skin care devices deliver light waves deep into your skin, triggering intracellular reactions in a natural way. These devices can do everything from clear up acne to serve as wrinkle treatment under the eyes. It’s a relaxing treatment that brings amazing results.


There’s just one problem: the cost. Going for in-salon treatments can set you back big-time. It’s recommended to get them done two to three times a week for four to six weeks. While each session is short at just 20 minutes, depending on where you go, you could be looking at around $300 to $600 for a series of these professional treatments.


But there’s a better way to get in on the trend and get those results you want for your skin. LED light therapy at home is now possible through a variety of quality devices that are easy to use and cost much less than going to the salon. 


With many different styles from handheld to panels, LED light therapy at home devices have a bounty of benefits for those who want to look their best without the appointments, commitments, and costs of going for in-salon treatments.

What are the benefits of LED light therapy at home?


- The ability to use it whenever you want to

You can make a twice-weekly ritual of using your LED light therapy at home device on your time. No calling your salon and being told there are no appointments or having no appointments available at a time slot that’s convenient for you.


- You can use it more regularly

Even if you could afford the salon treatments, can you afford the time it takes to get there? When something is more accessible, you tend to use it more. Just like gym memberships that don’t get used, if you have an LED light therapy home device, you’re more likely to use it and get results.


- It’s high-quality at a lower price

There are some cheap knock-offs out there but if you go for quality, you’ll be making a worthy investment. You’ll always have it to use whenever you want, which will pay for itself. A round of LED light therapy treatments by a pro over the course of several weeks costs more than purchasing an LED light therapy home device.  

Want to enjoy medical-grade LED light therapy at home? With no down time, pain free and dermatologists recommended. You’ll find these devices to be among the best there is for achieving salon-perfect results in the comfort of your home on your timeline. 

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