How To Use Viss Beauty IPL At Home

How To Use Viss IPL




New Technology In The Viss IPL Lamp Produces More Effective Results While Reducing Any Potential Discomfort.

Mirror Reflection Coating Technology

The reflector plate reflects the IPL generated from the xenon lamp. It uses patented surface coating technology to reduce irritation through effective IPL reflection.

Large treatment area and fast Treatment Time

Treat up to 220 hairs every 3.5 seconds
VISS IPL has a large 6cm2 (3cm x 2cm) treatment lamp (much larger than a laser) with a light pulse interval of just 3.5 seconds, targeting up to 220 hairs! No batteries to charge means no downtime between usage.
Other home care IPL products provides less than 1cm x 1cm treatment area on each shot. If you want to save time and get a better result, choose Viss IPL.

Long lasting flash

  • Low level (1-3) : 30,000 Flashes , 16-19 Jules
  • Middle Level(4-6) : 15,000 flashes, 20-22 Jules
  • High Level(7-8) : 8,000 flashes, 23-25 Jules

Skin Sensor function


Viss IPL will flash only when the metal sensor of cartridge is firmly in contact with the skin.
Viss IPL is designed to flash on skin only for safety.

Recommended Light Intensities


  • Important notice for IPL treatment

  • Hair removal: clean the treatment area and shave the hair first accurately; no hair should be left because the IPL will burn it causing pain and skin troubles.
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Acne treatment: clean and clear the treatment area from any skin care or cosmetic products; you may apply some aloe gel that you have (except oil). As an IPL beginner, you may apply the aloe gel at first treatment to prevent any problems. If you have very sensitive skin, you should apply aloe gel before treatment. But when you get used to IPL system, you don’t need to apply any gel. After the treatment is done, wash away the gel applied.

2 : There are eight available light intensities to suit your personal needs.

  • A higher level (up to 8) gives the best result if suitable for your skin type, but we recommend to start with a lower level to test your skin sensitivity. Remember, each skin is different.


3 : Place the applicator on the desired area making sure the metal sensor is pressed firmly against the skin. The device will not flash unless firmly in touch with skin.


4 : Press the button after the ‘beep’ sound and take off the applicator from the skin after every shot. If you don’t take off the applicator from skin shot by shot, your skin might get burnt or causing discomfort/pain.


5 : Moisturize your skin after any IPL treatments. IPL usually dries skin. Always put some lotion to moist your skin after an IPL treatment.


6 : Do not expose your treated skin area to the sun. You might get burn marks if you expose your treated area under the sun with 24 hours following the treatment.



How To Use Viss IPL


  • During



  1. Put on the optional Safety Glasses. VISS IPL is effortlessly easy - simply turn the device on, adjust the light intensity to the level that suits you (click here to see what level is right for you), and place the applicator on your skin.



2. When the ready to flash indicator sounds, press the flash button and repeat this action. Make sure you overlap the treated areas slightly.

For each flash, an area of 6 cm2 is targeted (3cm x 2cm), up to 220 hairs.



3. During this flash, you will normally feel a sensation of warmth and tingling. When treating more sensitive areas, this sensation may be similar to a warm rubber band being snapped against the skin.

  • Viss IPL FAQ


Is VISS IPL suitable for me?

  VISS IPL has eight adjustable light intensity settings (1-8) to ensure a gentle treatment across different skin tones (white, beige, light brown, mid brown and dark brown) and body hair     colours (dark blonde to black). Take care: IPL treatment is not effective on red hair, grey hair or light blonde hair. Nor is it suitable for black skin, as it can cause skin damage. Check the   skin/hair type chart to see if VISS IPL is suitable for you.


Can men use VISS IPL too?

  Yes, VISS IPL can be used by both men and women.

  What is the difference between Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL Treatment) and laser treatment?
  IPL emits light of all visible wavelengths (like a photo flash) while laser emits a single beam of light at a specific wavelength (like a laser pointer). Different wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths so using IPL is like using a group of lasers in a single treatment. Generally for hair removal, IPL and laser are equally effective. Also, IPL treatment heads are up to 6 times   larger than the small spot produced by lasers and therefore treatments are much quicker.


Is this device safe to use?

Yes, Studies by the Washington institue of Dermatological Laser Surgery confirm that low energy pulsed light can be applied safely and effectively for at-home hair removal in a variety of   non facial locations and skin photo types I-IV.


Can I use it anywhere on my body?

You can safely use VISS IPL for hair removal anywhere below the cheekbone but typically it is used to remove hair on the arms, armpits, chest, abdomen, back, bikini area and legs. VISS IPL is not suitable for certain hair or skin types. You should read the entire manual before using VISS IPL.


Will using VISS IPL hurt?

  Providing the correct intensity settings according to the skin tone and hair colour were used and the instructions were followed, the experience should not be painful. Sometimes, a   sensation of warmth or prickling may be felt. To get accustomed to VISS IPL hair removal system, it is recommended that you make test flashes, using the lowest recommended intensity setting, on an easily accessible area such as your hip. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the intensity setting, step-by-step if necessary, but it should never become uncomfortable.


How do I select the right intensity for me?

It is vital that you only use the light intensity recommended for your skin/hair type. To avoid unnecessary skin reactions, always first check the skin tone/hair colour chart and then start with the lowest recommended intensity. If all is well, increase gradually. If the treatment feels uncomfortable, reduce the intensity. The treatment should not feel painful at any time. You can find the skin/hair chart on hair removal page.


Why do I need to shave before using VISS IPL?

Shaving is necessary to ensure the light energy is channeled to the hair root in the most efficient way. Furthermore, unshaved hair in the treatment area can be burnt by the intense light, which causes an unpleasant smell and, if left uncleaned, could damage the appliance.


How often should I use VISS IPL?

For the first three or four times that you use the VISS IPL device, treatment sessions should be scheduled two weeks apart. Subsequent sessions should be scheduled whenever you see that some hair has started to grow back until you achieve the desired results.


What happens if my treatment intervals are longer than every two weeks?

An interval of 2 weeks is proven to give best results on hair reduction for bikini area and underarms, while for legs the interval can be increased to 4 weeks due to the different hair growth cycle. If used less often than every 2 weeks (or 4 weeks for legs) the hair may start to grow back.


I used VISS IPL a week ago but my hair is still growing! Why?

This is normal and it is called ejection. Hair can appear to be growing up to two weeks after your last treatment. At the two-week mark you will start to see that these hairs are actually falling out. You can also lightly tug on your hair to help it fall out, however, we do not recommend pulling the hair out. It should fall out naturally. It’s also possible that some of your hair is still actually growing because it wasn’t affected by the treatment. This is why multiple sessions are required.


What happens if I use VISS IPL more often, will is see better/ quicker results?

No, using your VISS IPL more often than recommended will not speed up the hair removal process. You should avoid treating the same area multiple times in one session since this will not improve efficacy, it only increases the risk of skin irritations.


When should I stop using VISS IPL? Is long-term use dangerous?

Light-based hair removal technology has been thoroughly reviewed and tested for over 15 years. Please refer to this article officially posted on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website for more information The results of this testing indicate that long-term use of light-energy devices will not cause issues or side effects.


Does the VISS IPL Laser Hair Removal System come with a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, VISS IPL comes with an unconditional 30- day Money Back Guarantee, giving you enough time to try the product and see the results. Should your VISS IPL have any issues after the first 90-days, we offer a 1-year International replacement warranty.

If you have additional questions not answered here, please visit the support section or contact us for a response within 24 hours.