Red Light Therapy Benefits and Treatment Protocols

Frequently asked questions, and best way to use LED light therapy at home.

Anti-Aging •Acne •Pain Recovery

General LED Light Therapy Treatment:


Treatment time will vary. How to use will also vary.

It is recommended that you hold the device ¼” from the skin’s surface or directly on the skin if you wish. For our handheld device you will hold it steady on the treatment area for 3 minutes. When using our “hands free” keep the device stationary (without moving) for each treatment cycle.

Each of our devices will have unique cleaning instructions. To best clean your device, refer to your device’s specific user guide.

Test yourself for light sensitivity prior to initial treatment:
1. Power on device.
2. Place device on or within ¼” of the skin on your forearm for 3 minutes.
3. After 3 minutes, check the area. If area has turned red and lasts for more than 2 hours, your skin is light sensitive.

Do the devices work for everyone?
Infrared therapy is proven to work on all skin types. We offer devices for the treatment of pain recovery,   wrinkles, acne & oral health care.


Devices with a combination of Infrared LEDs you will see the red and amber LED’s but, you will not be able to see the Infrared (I/R) LED’s. The Infrared (I/R) light spectrum is not visible to the human eye but, they are on and are working. Some cell phones and high speed digital cameras may pick up this spectrum while holding your cell phone camera over the device when it has been turned on. For our Acne devices we use a blue LED and you will be able to see all of them.


Red Light Therapy – is not harmful to the eyes.

Red Light therapy system does not have any harmful rays and it will not cause damage to the skin or eyes. The system is safe to use around the eye area. The LED’s are bright, it is recommended that your eyes are closed while using the device around the eye area. Optional goggles are provided for your use.


GOGGLES do I need to wear them?

Goggles are provided in some of our Anti-aging and Acne devices for comfort if needed. The LED light is very bright, we recommend that your eyes are closed during treatments on the face or near the eyes. For customers that have sensitivity to the bright lights goggles are an option. There are no harmful UV rays, and it will not cause damage to the eye. The system is safe to use around the eye area with your eyes closed.

When using blue light therapy for acne devices (blue LED’s) we recommend that you use the provided eye goggles.



LED light therapy for face usage & expectations

LED light therapy devices can be used alone or with the use of skin care products such as peptides and hyaluronic acids.

Many skin care professionals and estheticians have found that by combining light therapy with peptides, hyaluronic acid, green tea & white tea they are able to increase their LED light therapy results.

Avoid products containing retinol or light activated ingredients while using LED light therapy devices. It is recommended to use such products after your treatment.


Should I use creams or topicals or have a clean face?

It is recommended to use the system on a clean face.  When first introducing light therapy to your skin we recommend that you do a skin sensitivity test and use the device without a topical (cream) to determine how your skin will respond to the light therapy.


Do I need to take off my makeup before using light therapy?

If using any of the LED devices, make up will need to be removed.

Light therapy penetrates below the skin’s surface. Many make up products contain SPF which is good but, when using light therapy, it will block the penetration of the LED’s. See information above regarding cleansing face and topicals.



For anti-aging applications, we recommend that you leave the system on one treatment area for 3 minutes. Holding the device steady without moving around. After 3 minutes you will move to the next treatment area. If you just started using red light therapy for anti-aging treatments, you may want to start off with once a day use and do that for perhaps the first 45-60 days. After that you may continue to use the system daily, or you may decrease it to 2-3 times per week, or even less, such as once per week, whatever works for you and your schedule. Everyone’s skin is different and will respond differently when using light therapy for face. We do suggest that you take before and after photos to see the improvement when using anti-aging light therapy devices.



The light therapy devices can be used alone or with the use of acne topical products. If you use any other creams/topicals for acne, it is recommended to use such products after your treatment.


Use the Light Therapy System on affected areas for 3 minutes per treatment area. Keep device steady during treatment.

When using light therapy acne devices (blue LED’s) we recommend that you use the provided eye goggles.

Foracne flare ups, blue light therapy can be used for spot treatments or for the treatment of larger areas. Blue light destroys the bacteria, if used regularly will help keep acne at bay.


We recommend the use of pain cream products after your treatment. Use of these products prior to light therapy treatment will make it difficult to clean the device.


For Pain applications you can use the devices once or twice per day. Following the recommended time listed in the user guide based on pain level.  Unlike a heating pad, light therapy works underneath the skins surface, penetrating a 1” to 1 ½” below the skin’s surface. We encourage the users to set the expectation levels at a reasonable level. Light Therapy assists with pain relief, including increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and reducing spasms. Be encouraged to be realistic in expectations with what you are trying to accomplish. There are many studies, including NASA studies that show that light therapy works for pain relief. Professionals such as doctors, rehab facilities, therapists, and chiropractors use infrared light therapy on patients in clinical settings with great success. Many people will experience reduced pain after the first use but depending on different factors it could take more days of multiple treatments to feel the pain reduction. Some of the factors that impact results are: type of pain, cause or source of pain, medications, location on body, etc.


It is recommended that you consult your physician or primary care professional if you have concerns.

Provide them with information on the light therapy device you are using or considering purchasing.

They have access to all your medical records and will be able to provide their recommendation based on any possible conditions or medications that have been administered.


We recommend consulting your physician or primary care professional.


Metal pins, rods, and artificial joints generally reflect infrared rays and are not heated up by the infrared heat. You should never feel any discomfort while using light therapy and discontinue if you do.

We recommend consulting your physician or primary care professional.



We recommend consulting your physician or primary care professional.

I have high blood pressure-will using the Handheld hurt me?

We recommend consulting your physician or primary care professional.


What is the difference between Laser and Infrared treatments?

Laser treatments are more powerful than infrared treatments. Most laser treatments will have to be administered by a skin care professional, esthetician or dermatologist. These device(s) can be used in the comfort of your home or office. It is a non-invasive device that penetrates deep into the skin.

What are the power requirements if using the device in other Countries (Internationally)?

The power supplies have been designed to convert between 120v & 240v.  For international usage you may need an adapter (purchased locally) for the power cord to plug the device into the power wall outlet.

How long will the LED’s last on my device?

The LED’s should last for many years depending on usage2-3 years. LED’s are not like light bulbs with filaments but have solid state chips inside.